MoveMyContacts is a contact list data move service with optional secure online storage solutions.  But we are more than just a service or a company:  we care about our craft with careful attention to detail.  We understand that to keep up our level of quality means working with our customers so that they are satisfied their needs have been met.

We are proud of our lengthy and successful track record that expands all over the globe– with many satisfied people from numerous countries all over the world.  Our safe and dependable contact list sync move services, as well as additional online data security solutions are what make us stand out from the anyone else because we have the most experience in this specialized market, and we guarantee that with our services, your contact list information will never be lost on our watch.

If you are changing phones and need to move your contact list, our mobile move services are just the solution; and our contact list data security online has so many of our happy customers returning to us.  So why stress over what MoveMyContacts can do quickly, securely, and affordably?  Sign up with us today!

MoveMyContacts is part of Toffa International Limited, a leading developer of
data synchronisation solutions for mobile phones, PDAs and other handheld devices.