Move Service

Aside from cute cat pictures, one of the most important sets of data in your phone is your contact list.  But often this information gets overlooked amongst the excitement of purchasing a new phone.  Unfortunately, changing your contact list to a new phone by yourself could mean many frustrating hours trying to manually add your contacts one-by-one to your new phone, only to risk making a few mistakes along the way.  Who has the time or patience to do something like that?  Let us at MoveMyContacts take care of moving your current contact list from any of your handheld electronic devices, to your new phone through our comprehensive mobile move service.

Our specialized move service covers hundreds of different phone and PDA models.  Often, we hear people say that phone service carriers offer move services too.  However, the biggest issue with those guys, is that they usually only move contact lists if both the current and new phones are from a small list of approved models, or sometimes something goes wrong and they can’t successfully transfer all of your contacts on the list.  We pride ourselves in being the best by taking on any contact list move service job whether it be big or small.  No phone model or software is out of our reach when it comes to moving your contacts securely.

Here at MoveMyContacts, we understand that phone and electronic users just want a simple, streamlined, and affordable one-stop place to take care of the one thing you can’t afford to lose:  your contact list.  With our dedicated contact list move service and secure backup online, you will never have to hassle when you change phones ever again.

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