Secure Backup Service

So you have already transferred your current contact list to your new phone with our move service, and can now finally relax.  But, oh no!  Your important information could be lost in the case of phone damage or theft.  Sure, you can be careful around your new phone, but not every single emergency can be prevented.  Your contact data is extremely valuable to us, and if lost it would be very time consuming to replace. MoveMyContacts offers the solution:  to prepare for the day when something can go wrong, we allow you to save a backup of your contact list to our secure on-line servers.

How does it work?  This process can be done wirelessly from almost anywhere at the touch of a button and can be performed as often as required. As a result, each time new contact information is entered on to your device it can be backed up immediately.  This will see to it that your latest, complete contact information is always safeguarded against your device being lost, damaged or stolen.

Once your device is repaired or replaced your contact data can be retrieved quickly and easily from MoveMyContacts.  Even in the best cases, repairing or replacing a device can often take a number of days.  But in that amount of time your data can be accessed on-line by logging into your MoveMyContacts account from any web browser.

Editing, adding and managing contacts can be restrictive, time consuming and difficult on a small mobile device. MoveMyContacts allows you to access, edit and manage your contact data from any web browser with our secure backup service.  Offering a simple, on-line, intuitive user interface makes the task of managing your contacts a simple one.