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New phone? Easily transfer your existing contacts

MoveMyContacts makes it easy to transfer your valuable contacts to a new phone. MoveMyContacts will seamlessly synchronise all of your current contacts to your new phone.

Our simple and secure process takes the hassle out of changing phones.

Safeguard your contacts against phone loss or damage

Is your phone insured against loss, damage or theft? What about all your contacts? A physical phone is easily replaced, but contact info may have taken years to collect and is far more difficult to replace.

Safeguard your contacts - keep a secure backup online using MoveMyContacts.

Which subscription is right for me?

MoveMyContacts 30 Day Subscription £4.95 Buy Now >

For those who just want to move their contacts from one phone to another. After 30 days, your account and data will be removed from the MoveMyContacts servers.

MoveMyContacts 12 Month Subscription £9.95 Buy Now >

Designed for those who want to move their contacts from one phone to another and then keep a copy safely backed up on our secure servers for a longer period.

Are my phones supported?

We support hundreds of types of phone and PDAs. Check Here >